Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ten Craziest Penalty Games Ever Done In The Manga (part 1)

Don’t let Yu-Gi-Oh!’s focus on card games fool anyone. The original series could get dark. Before Kazuki Takahashi began making everything about a card game setting the world on fire in the 2000’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! seemed to be about a young boy with a sadistic other personality that enjoyed dishing out dark vengeance on those who’d somehow wronged him or his friends.

Those who owned millenium items would challenge people to games, then if they lost (and they always did), they would force them to deal with the penalty game – punishments that could range from scary but survivable to terrible and deadly. Here we will be looking at some of the craziest penalty games that the manga ever did.


In the third chapter of the manga, Beat Festival, Yugi had to deal with a bully named Sozoji, a man who was utterly awful at karaoke but was constantly forcing people to listen to his music.

He forces Yugi and another classmate to sell tickets to his music show, however, when Yugi tries to get his friend off the hook for selling tickets, Sozoji beats up the classmate, leading to Yugi challenging him to a penalty game. When he loses, he’s forced to listen to the sound of his own heartbeat as it grows louder and louder, subject to the same kind of maddening noise as people forced to listen to his wack concerts.


In the anime, Mai losing to Yami Marik leads to her being trapped in the hourglass, watching while her friends slowly forget her. She got off lucky. The manga version of Mai is also trapped within an hourglass, but instead of the glass being filled with sand…it’s filled with brain insects.

These insects exist to eat her actual brain matter over the next twenty-four hours. Y’know, technically Mai won this game. She managed to get the Winged Dragon of Ra over to her side of the field, but because she couldn’t read the text on the card it cost her the duel. Presumably,this embarrassment is why Marik subjected her to such harsh punishment.