Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ten Craziest Penalty Games Ever Done In The Manga (part 3)


In the very first chapter of the manga Money Illusions, Yugi deals with the bully Tetsu Ushio. He worked as a member of the class disciplinary committee, but he constantly abused his powers. He extorted people, tricking them into taking him on as a “bodyguard” and forcing them to pay for his services.

Yugi challenges him to a penalty game, the result of which is that him having his greed turned up to the max. He begins to see leaves and litter as money, which is probably better than the anime where he thought he was being eaten by monsters.


Ms. Chono of Domino High School’s teachers became known as The Wicked Witch of Expel, for her history of expelling fifteen students in a mere six months. She had an awful habit of taking her frustrations out on her students, and one such incident leads to her trying to embarrass some of them for sending a girl a love jigsaw puzzle.

Aiming to put it together to see who sent it, Yami Yugi causes her completion of the puzzle to result in her own make-up turning into puzzle pieces as well, resulting in the entire class seeing her true face. You’d think instead of doing all of this someone would’ve just reported such a power-mad teacher to the principal.


In fact, Kaiba wasn’t a decent person in the early parts of the manga series. It was understandable since he and Mokuba grew up orphans before being adopted by a man who turned Kaiba into a ruthless businessman. However, after Kaiba steals the Blue-Eyes White Dragon of Yugi’s grandfather, it results in him being challenged to a game.

When Blue-Eyes refuses to attack for Kaiba (because it belongs to Solomon), Yugi wins the duel and sentences Kaiba to a world where he’ll be repeatedly killed by Duel Monsters until he understands the heart of the cards. No wonder Kaiba never becomes Yugi’s friend.