Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ten Craziest Penalty Games Ever Done In The Manga (part 2)

In another episode of the series, Clock Time, the young man Shotaro Akaboshi who is known for collecting watches steals a watch Yugi was meaning to give to Tristan, who planned to give it to the girl he had a crush on. Theft is one thing, disappointing someone’s crush is another. So Yugi challenged Shotaro to a penalty game.
Upon losing, he was subjected to some horrific body horror, as he suddenly believes his entire body of watches and clock parts. Driven mad by this, Shotaro rushes home and destroys his collection of watches. A lesson in what happens when someone treasures objects so much they’re willing to harm others for it.

The anime would have most of us believe that Mokuba was completely blameless when it came to Kaiba’s dealings with Yugi and the others. But Mokuba was in on all of Kaiba’s plans, and early on used to cause the protagonists nearly as many issues. During one special meeting, he challenged Yugi and Joey to the rigged game Russian Roulette Dinner, where a table with various food items spun around, and they had to consume whichever meal stopped in front of them but remained unaware if it was poisoned or not.
After Yami figured out the trick, he forced Mokuba to consume a poisoned hamburger, and Mokuba only survived because his assistants had the cure ready.
In the fourth chapter of the manga, a prisoner escapes from the Domino City Jail, killing a guard and stealing a gun. He finds his way into Tea’s part-time job at Burger World, and holds her hostage while demanding Yugi get him cigarettes and vodka, because he was too stupid to try to actually escape the city.
Along those lines, Yami Yugi easily outsmarts the prisoner, leaving him to drop a lit cigarette into his glass of vodka, resulting in him being set on fire. And because it’s a penalty game, this random explosion hurts only the prisoner, rather than Yugi or Tea.