Yu-Gi-Oh Begins Brand-New Manga Series

The story that began with Yugi Moto, a young duelist, has continued through the generations with new protagonists that wield the heart of the cards and attempt to make their own way through the world by setting up their own decks in the game of “Duel Monsters”. The card battling series has bounced from the school grounds in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, even alternate realities in the form of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and the technological future with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’S. In the present, the duel is about to begin once again.

On their official Twitter Account, Anime News Network’s online news source broke the news that Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures would come soon as a newly released manga.

The new series will tell the story of the young Shouma as well as shine a spotlight on the original Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that are available as part of the real-life “OCG Collection”. While the story’s details have yet to be fully revealed, the series will be created by Masashi Sato, the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’S series. Make sure to keep an eye out to see whether there are any references to the previous Duel Monsters’ series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an anime that differs from its “sister series” like Digimon and Pokemon while the creatures in those series are living and breathing creatures which inspire real-life games. In Pokemon series, Ash Ketchum forms bonds with his pocket monsters in order to become the greatest trainer around. In Digimon series, the Digi-Destined visit the digital world in order to save the world. However, in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the monsters are held within cards, frequently being unleashed by a virtual reality system which each duelist wears on their arms.

Yu-Gi-Oh! also differs thanks to its reliance on the supernatural along with the story running through the original anime series.

Originally, Yu-Gi-Oh! was created by Kazuki Takahashi for the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Shueisha, and ran from September 1996 to March 2004. The series tells the story of the young boy Yugi Mutou, who solves an ancient puzzle and is possessed by the Egyptian pharaoh’s spirit.

There are two anime adaptations that were created for the series, however, the one that most fans will recognize is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.