When Gambling and Manga Became One (part 2)

Gamble Fish

Gamble Fish tells the story of Tomu Shirsagi, the son of a notorious trickster called Yumeichirou. The 14-year-old boy studies in one of the top academies that are known as Shishidou, where he discovers his unusual skill and talent. He is God gifted with dark art. He is also an excellent con artist and uses his powers to reveal the dark aspects of the academy.


Kakegurui is a gambling manga series originally set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, where children of the affluent and wealthy families of Japan find themselves embroiled in a perilous game. Hyakkaou Private Academy has a gambling system where its students place bets against each other, putting their money and fortunes at stake and facing a horrible and terrifying result.

Students who cannot make their contribution due to debts are considered as ‘house pets’, and those who are unable to settle their debts receive Life Schedules, which influence their career and future life. However, their lives are changed as a student named Yumeko Jabami enrolls in the academy.


Kaiji manga series was created back in 1996 and follows Kaiji Ito, a gambler who always wanted to get rid of his existing debts. Playing with his neighbors, he always ended up on a losing streak. Then he discovers that he has hidden gambling skills which assist him in his future endeavors of winning big.


Mukōbuchi: The Tale of High-Stakes Underground Mahjong by Amajishi Etsuya is a manga set in the 1980s. The value of money and the price of estates skyrocketed followed suit. Consequently, Japan ended up in the biggest bubble economies ever. Mahjong witnessed an age when high stakes games were higher staking than ever. In this period of time, Kai lives as a Mukōbuchi – a lone-wolf gambler.