What is the term waifu and why did it become so famous?

The term Waifu began to appear in the second half of the 2000s and became more and more popular globally.

In the world of anime – manga, we can find lots of interesting languages ​​coming from otaku. Besides the words that come from the anime, there are many words or terms that are created or popularized by the community in a product and then become on the Internet. One of the terms most commonly known by fans is waifu – one of their favorite anime girls’ words. 

Thuật ngữ waifu là gì và vì sao nó lại trở nên nổi tiếng đến thế? - Ảnh 1.

So in the end, what does waifu mean?

Accordingly, waifu is a term to describe a girl whose viewers have special feelings in the 2D world. Waifu is originally a variant of the word “wife” in English, but due to the Japanese pronunciation, it has been transformed into waiu. The term began to appear from the anime Azumanga Daioh, when the character teacher  Kimura answered the student about his wife’s image. 

Later, the term “waifu” became popular when in the anime – manga community in the second half of the 2000s, when members of large community forums continuously created humorous images or sentences. talk regarding this term.

In addition to waifu, we also have other variants such as the male version – husbando, inspired by husband or the bossu – inspired by boss (boss). Although coming out in different ways, their common meaning is not different.

Thuật ngữ waifu là gì và vì sao nó lại trở nên nổi tiếng đến thế? - Ảnh 2.

Why is Waifu culture so popular?

Nowadays, 2D girls in anime – manga are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, they are also beautifully shaped, impressive and have a lot more personality than previous anime – manga products. This contributes to the community of anime – manga fans has a more diverse choice.

This, whether unintentional or intentional, has hit the psychology of the crowd, especially with men. The boys love a beautiful, perfect, and psychologically beautiful girl, whether that girl is real or virtual. Being able to keep that girl alone with them made many people feel comfortable and tired of waifu like never before. 

The beauties coming out of comics not only bring entertainment, but also bring the passion and desire that those beautiful 2D girls are their waifu. The more girls express their emotions, the more diverse their personalities become, the more they will be loved and make people fall in love with waifu.

How famous is Waifu culture in the world?

Beginning in 2006-2007, the phrase Waifu has now become more popular than ever. Not only popular in Eastern countries like China or Korea, waifu culture is also widely known in the West. However, this phrase does not always have its meaning, but it is sometimes used by netizens to make fun of 2D culture lovers.

Basically, everyone has a different opinion about Waifu, whether they watch anime or manga. Therefore, it is common for Waifu to become more popular, to be popularized, and to be teased. No one can deny the popularity of this term, and it will continue to be widely used in the future, especially in the otaku community.