What is Manga? Best answer for you!

Japan is the birthplace of popular manga and anime works, which are known and loved by many readers around the world. In the previous post, the network administrator sent readers an article about interesting Japanes anime movies. Also in this article, we will learn about manga, a comic genre that is also extremely famous and attracts a large number of lovers around the world. So what is manga? There are many types of manga. Please read along to find out through the article below?

1. What is Manga?

Manga (Japanese: kanji: 漫画, hiragana: ま ん が, katakana: マ ン ガ, Sino-Vietnamese: painting) is a Japanese term for comic books and caricatures. Manga is considered a special word to refer to manga originating from Japan.

Manga has a lot of different shades from the adult genres to the young ones. It can be said that the world of manga is something very miraculous it marks and the foundation for the development of anime later.

Manga comics are associated with the childhood of many people, especially those of the 8x, 9x generation. Referring to comics, the reader will think of famous works such as: Sailor Moon, One Piece, Seven Dragon Balls, The Sacred Dragon Seal, Conan, Little Maruko, The Pencil Boy Shin … Manga paintings published on the market are not only for entertainment, they are also used for many purposes such as educating people.

2. Development history of manga comics

Manga that appeared very early in Japan after World War II was derived from ukiyo-e in the drawing style. It is this that people here have had an interest in this comic book genre very early, it holds an important place throughout the history of Japanese art. Manga of this period was still attached manga chapters, but its entertainment value was very high, which no one can deny. Hopefully our above article has helped you somewhat