Date: 08/16/07
Updated some of the FAQ section with pirated and bootleg information. It’s obviously a problem that will never go away but I hope to educate potential buyers and possibly the sellers of these items about copyright infringement and other legal issues. In no way do I want people to harass sellers or buyers because they are responsible for their own actions. It’s hard to keep track of piracy when so much of it is going on. If you’d like to check out the pirated/bootleg page, click here. I’ve ordered a few more Unico manga back issues to add to my collection. I’m pretty sure sellers in Japan are wondering why certain things are selling well. Haha, it’s just an obsessed fan buying out anything Unico.

I’m finally using up my vacations days for work so hopefully I can work hard on the gallery section. I feel bad that I’m tossing up all this information and not enough eye candy. So look forward to that!

Date: 08/10/07
Organized the Manga page a bit more and seperated them by volume and shogaku version. I’m hoping to make pages for each chapter soon. I think right now I want to finish the character pages which is taking FOREVER. I don’t think many people know how many characters there are. Haha!

Date: 08/06/07
New layout! YAY! The only thing I’ll do now is make holiday versions of my layout so it’s not the same blue all year. I think that’d be fun, maybe? Haha. Anyway, my friend brought a bunch of Unico items back from Japan with her so I’m going to have a lot more pictures and information on items. My Pikkapika Comics Unico books also came in so I have adorable Unico illustrations to use (in color too! Yay!).

I went ahead and linked to the videos I had on YouTube. That way when visitors fall into this site and look at the sections they’ll at least have something to look at if they’ve never seen the stuff I’ve had up on YouTube already. Anyway, that’s it for now I suppose. Don’t be afraid to contact me and let me know what you think or what you’d like to see! ^^

Date: 07/27/07
Tossed up a poll for those who visit to vote. I really want to know what people want to see when they come to this website. What they are looking for and such. Always feel free to email me ideas or what you would like to see more of. I won’t get offended! I’m a fairly nice person and always love comments, crits, ideas, etc. Email me at rubymoon16@hotmail.com. So if something isn’t on the poll, feel free to email me! Thanks guys!

Update Archive:

Date: 07/02/07
Tossed up a few lyrics to the lyrics section. You can now sing along in Japanese with the first movie. I’m going to try and get the pilot and second movie up as well as English lyrics. Weee! Also Anime Gamers has sold out of their Unico plushies. Sniffle!

Date: 06/28/07
Updated a few minor things. I’m currently trying to get more multimedia stuff created to put up. Nothing else going on I suppose. Trying to translate a few things from the manga to get better character pages. There is never any time! Haha! ^^

Date: 06/20/07
Added another store to the list in the links section. YesAsia.comis currently carrying 3 volumes of Unico children’s manga and they ship worldwide.

Date: 06/11/07
Updated with some more anime information. Finally had a chance to make screenshots of the short film from the Black Jackmovie that came out in 2005. I still need to make some more screenshots and create the other pages. I also added a button so you can link to Kawaii Unico as well as visit other Unico sites out on the web.

Date: 06/05/07
I’m slowly updating all the pages so that they don’t say ‘Coming Soon!’ anymore. I’m going to try to get all the media pages set up as well as the character page and the ‘more information’ pages. There is just so much! Bwaaaagh!

Date: 06/04/07
Welcome to one of the few fansites that feature Tezuka Osamu’s creation, Unico. I have made this fansite for the purpose of sharing information with others who would like to learn more about Unico or for those who are also fans. Right now the website is a bit bare but everything will all come together and finish in no time. I welcome everyone to this site and hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have for now. I will try to answer all questions in my FAQ section once it is completed. Until then, feel free to email me! Thank you!