Unico: Black Cloud and White Feather

– Unico is placed in a town that is filled with harmful smog and pollution. He meets up with a mouse named Garappachi who introduces Unico to Chiko. The girl Unico meets is very ill due to the pollution caused by the smoke stacks. Chiko’s grandfather comes home and finds Unico only to throw him out because Unico might make Chiko even more sick. Although Chiko is ill, she runs out to Unico. This causes her to collapse and wake up days later with Unico by her side. Unico then uses his magic to become a full sized adult and flies off into the clean skies with Chiko.
– Zephyrus spots Unico and the large black clouds engulf both Unico and Chiko. Zephyrus tells the black cloud about Unico and his past but the black cloud only laughs. Later Unico would tear down the factory and save the the people of the town.

– The pilot episode is based off of Chapter 4 of the manga. Instead of being revived by a feather given to Chiko as in the manga, Zephyrus gives Unico a bouquet of flowers that revives her. Zephyrus takes Unico and they fly off to a deserted island. The first movie picks up where the pilot left off which leaves Unico on a deserted where he meets Akuma-kun.