The Fantastic Adventures of Unico:

RCA/Columbian Picture’s Magic Window released the first movie in 1983 after the Japanese release in theaters in 1981. The english version has only been released in the 80’s and has yet to be released on DVD. The DVDs people are selling online are bootlegs and are not official releases.

After being cast away by the Gods, the West Wind leaves Unico on the Island of Solitude where he meets Beezel. The demon boy doesn’t seem to mind being alone but he soon finds that he enjoys Unico’s friendship. Unico also meets a cat named Katy who is searching for a witch so that she can learn magic. Katy takes advantage of Unico’s magic but soon learns that helping others is the better way to go. Baron de Ghost shows up and causes problems for the creatures of the forest and ends up trying to kill Katy. Unico must defeat Baron de Ghost and save everyone before it’s too late.

This movie features two chapters from the manga. In the manga, the Baron hates animals with an evil passion. The animal he hates the most? Cats. Unlike the movie, the Baron does not turn into Satan. Instead, Unico simply changes any furry creature in the forest into humans and they promptly exile the Baron. Wow.