The Best New Manga You Should Read in 2020 (part 2)

Carole and Tuesday

If you have been missing out on Netflix’s new anime Carole and Tuesday you have been making an enormous mistake. It is a fantastic show that has achieved an excellent critical response. It is also an anime original that’s receiving a replacement manga adaptation this year.

Carole and Tuesday is that the story of two girls from opposite walks of life. While their lives are totally different they’re brought together by two things. Their love of music and their grand dreams of becoming popular music genre artists.

Persona 5

After making its appearance within the anime world the favored new addition to Atlus’s game series, Persona 5, joins the realm of manga with a replacement release. Persona 5 the manga is an adaptation of the sport of an equivalent name, and apparently a darn good one. Thankfully it’s ok that those interested can are available without even have played the sport.

It’s the story of a troubled highschool teen Akira Kurusu, who after being arrested and changing schools unlocks the powerful power of the Persona. He begins the adventures of the Phantom Thieves by using this power to awaken the Personas of his friends.

Pokemon Adventures Collectors Edition

While this manga isn’t a replacement release, this deluxe omnibus release of the amazing Pokemon Adventures series may be a must have for any fan of the series or manga generally. This omnibus collects all three volumes of the favored manga. Meaning that you simply get 29 volumes for the worth of 1.

This series has us follow not Ash, but truth original Pokemon protagonist, Red. Red wants to be both a Pokemon trainer and a lover to Pokemon. Together with his team of Pokemon and his partners Green and Blue, they need to rise to the challenges awaiting them.


Downfall may be a manga from the award-winning mangaka Inio Asano, the person behind series like Goodnight Punpun, Solanin, and Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction. Needless to say from this writing genius, Downfall looks to be another dark seinen inspired by real-life with all the mature themes that Asano is understood for.

Downfall is that the story of a mangaka down on his luck. His first series just ended, his marriage is failing, and therefore the industry is screwing him over. The lifetime of his dreams is becoming his greatest nightmare.