The Best Japanese Manga Series Based on Anime (Part 1)

Japan is considered the world’s animation capital with hundreds of fantastic manga series being optioned as new movies and TV series by Japanese animation studios every year. While some become popular multimedia franchises, some others become dust in the wind. You may have seen a lot of famous manga series inspire anime adaptations but may not know that the reverse also occurs more than you expect. And the fact is that there is plenty of great manga series that started as anime.

Manga based on anime is used to expand upon the story of the original series and create additional content for fans to enjoy. In this case, if you only watched the anime, you will not be able to get the full picture.

  1. Kill la Kill

Without its outrageous animation, Kill la Kill would not be Kill la Kill. However, we have to say that the manga adaptation is incredibly close to matching the show’s intensity. The Kill la Kill manga, illustrated by Ryou Akizuki, follows the same story as the anime but contains some noticeable differences in some scenes and character designs. The manga with 17 chapters in total was serialized in December 2013 and ended on February 2015.

  1. Cowboy Bebop And Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star

With its too-cool-for-school presence, Cowboy Bebop has graced the Japanese airwaves for multiple decades, yet fans of the sci-fi series are still trying to “carry the weight” of its bittersweet finale. If you are still yearning for more hunting adventures with the Bebop crew, you should read these two original manga series:

  • The first is Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star, actually predating the series’ premiere by several months. The manga series, contained in two volumes, tells some stories of the Bebop crew which never made it to the anime.
  • The second series, with simple title Cowboy Bebop and three volumes, come out just after the anime. Totally, it is more similar to the TV show than the first one. However, it contains a bunch of new and self-contained stories, too.