The Best Anime & Manga Made By Non-Japanese Creators (part 1)

When most people think of anime, they think of some production, whatever it may be, that has its origin in Japan. Several popular anime of today, however, do not have completely Japanese creative teams at all. This is part of what makes them officially “anime“, and not just anime-inspired like shows such as Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Boondocks. Here’s a list of now-classic anime that weren’t just products of the land of the Rising Sun.

Dr. Stone (South Korea)

Perhaps the most surprising entry on this list is the popular series Dr. Stone. This series sees a young genius named Senku attempt to revitalize the human race after a strange phenomenon petrifies humanity for centuries while society crumbles. The author of the manga is Riichiro Inagaki, but the artist is a man named Mujik Park, who works under the pen name of Boichi. Though Boichi lives in Japan, he is actually South Korean and had worked on several manhwas (Korean manga) one-shots before Dr. Stone. The series, namely its anime adaptation, has gone on to become a huge hit and stands out as something different than the typical action shonen series.

Radiant (France)

Despite its protagonist’s resemblance to Naruto and Luffy, Radiant started as a French Manfra, a French comic made to imitate manga and anime art styles. The story is about a boy named Seth, whose world has been ravaged by monsters that fall from the sky. Those who survive the monsters’ attack are shunned by society, but also gain immense powers. Seth seeks to find the Radiant, where the monsters hail from and defeat them to restore order to his world.

The series is written and drawn by Tony Valente, and published by a French company called Ankama. Though its status as a French manga imitation might edge it close to its progenitors, it received official anime status when it was adapted to a TV series by Lerche, a branch of the Japanese animation company Studio Hibari.