Regular version

The regular manga published in Sanrio’s Ririka (Lyrica) magazine for girls was soon published into various tankouban. A tankouban is basically a collection of manga chapters put together in a graphic novel format. The original manga was mostly in color and then would changed into a black and white with orange to just plain black and white.

This version was usually published in two volumes with about four chapters in each book but some publishers panned it out to three volumes. The pilot episode and first movie was based off of this manga so you will find characters from the pilot and movie (ie; Chao/Katy, Akuma/Beezel, Baron, etc).

Chapter Info:
Chapter 1 – “Yagyuu no Oka”
Chapter 2 – “Urushi no Rozeria”
Chapter 3 – “Houkininotta Neko”
Chapter 4 – “Kuroi Kumo to Shiroi Hane”
Chapter 5 – “Furusato Tazunete”
Chapter 6 – “Azensu no Kiba no Monogatori”
Chapter 7 – “Ichiya Dakeno Butoukai”
Chapter 8 – “Hitoribocchi no Yuniko”