Chapter Title: Prologue

The Prologue chapter basically starts with Venus upset that the human girl, Psyche, is so popular with all the men. Venus notices a small unicorn (Unico) which seems to be the root of Psyche’s happiness. She calls upon her son, Eros (AKA Cupid), to shoot Psyche with one of his Love Arrows so that she would fall in love with the first person she saw. This would cause her to not care about Unico anymore. The plan fails because Unico notices Eros hiding in the tree and knocks him out. Eros falls to the ground only to be hit with many Love Arrows. He then falls in love with Psyche, kisses her, and flies off.

Venus asks her son why he didn’t do what he was told and he simply tells her that he has fallen in love with a human. Venus then realizes that the next day there would be a Pet Contest in Tessália, Greece.

At the Pet Contest, Psyche and Unico are in the back when Psyche’s older sisters show up. She does not want Unico to be a part of the contest but her sisters take Unico and fix him up anyway.

Many pets are shown in the contest and one named Papillon grabs many of the crowd’s attention. Unico is up next and they make him bow and do tricks. He even beats up a wolf real quick. Haha! Everyone wants to know whos unicorn it is and the man announces that it is Psyche’s. Unico sees Psyche and runs up to her and then she throws a bag over Unico. Papillon disguised herself as Psyche to capture Unico and bring him to Venus. Venus then calls upon Zephyrus (Nishi Kaze/West Wind) and orders her to leave Unico in a different time and different place. The chapter ends with Zephyrus leaving Unico on a hill.