New Manga to Pick Up This Year (part 1)

Several new manga series have been published this year. Whether you want to complete the Read Harder task for manga or you are simply looking to explore the medium beyond what’s included on this list, let me highlight the best new manga the year 2019 has to offer.

Snow White with the Red Hair, by Sorata AkiDuki

Shirayuki, the heroine of the series Snow White with the Red Hair, will quickly win the hearts of all readers. She is an awesome character who wants to become a palace herbalist. And if you are wondering about the title: Shirayuki’s name means Snow White and she has, surprise, red hair.

The Poe Clan, by Moto Hagio

That more North American publishers are licensing and introducing classic manga to a new generation of readers. Moto Hagio is a manga icon who  influenced modern-day shojo manga heavily, so it is wonderful that more of her works become available in English. The Poe Clan focuses on two siblings that are turned into vampires. Immortality might sound lovely, but it makes their lives get complicated as they were transformed as young teenagers.

The Way of the House Husband, by Kousuke Oono

A cozy comedy sounds like a contradiction. However, that’s what this manga series aims to do. Fearsome gang member Tatsu left behind the criminal world in order to turn over a new leaf and become a house husband. Alas, who is living as a yakuza, does not prepare for the realities of being a stay-at-home husband. This manga series also shows clearly what it means to be an “unorthodox” couple, in which the wife works while the man stays at home, in a traditional society.

10 Dance, by Satoh Inoue

Shinya Suzuki and Shinya Sugiki are rival ballroom dancers, with Suzuki specializing in Latin Dance and Sugiki being the reigning king of Standard Ballroom. Two of them aspire to win the upcoming 10-Dance competition, but that means having to learn the dancing style of the other. And, surely, they choose to learn from each other as you need to learn from the best if you want to be the best. However, along the way, they discover that their rivalry might be masking something more.