Mitsunaga of Princess Resurrection Launches New Manga in September

The new manga series Jikan Teishi Yūsha of Yasunori Mitsunaga follows a high school boy who comes into a fantasy world after a flame war on social media.

The October issue of Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine of Kodansha revealed on Monday that Yasunori Mitsunaga of Princess Resurrection will launch a new manga series that is tentatively titled Jikan Teishi Yūsha (Time Stop Hero) in the next issue of the magazine on September 26. And the new manga will have a color opening page.

The magazine describes the story of the new manga as centering on Sekai Kuzuno (a pun on “kuzu no sekai,” which means “crapsack world”), a normal high school boy who thought that his life would be over after he becomes the center of a social media flame war. Then the boy is instead transported to another world, complete with powerful abilities. He thought that he could finally live easily in a new fantasy world, but things do not go as expected for him.

Princess Resurrection manga of Mitsunaga ran in Monthly Shonen Sirius from 2005 to 2013 and Kodansha published up to 20 compiled book volumes for the series. The manga also inspired a television anime adaptation as well as a three-episode OVA. In 2012, Sentai Filmworks re-released the Princess Resurrection’s television anime version with an English dub on DVD. In 2013, JManga released the first seven volumes on its official website before closing. Kodansha Advanced Media digitally re-released all 20 volumes of the manga.

In Monthly Shonen Sirius November of 2017, Mitsunaga launched the Princess Resurrection Nightmare manga, and then on August 8, Kodansha published the manga’s fifth volume. Kodansha Comics is digitally publishing the manga, and it released the fourth volume on July 30.

Moreover, Mitsunaga is irregularly serializing his Hitsugi Tantei D&W manga, having launched in Young King Ours GH in 2011, although the latest volume shipped in 2014. He and Inomaru together launched a new manga named Tama Kick in Young King Ours GH magazine of Shonengahosha in June 2017.