Manga and anime related events and places of interest in Japan

Manga and anime are so popular in Japan, that resulted in the establishment of many related events and places of interest. Moreover, some of the world’s largest comic events are held annually in Tokyo.

Manga Cafes (Manga Kissa)

Manga cafes are the places in which customers can read manga at a corresponding fee for a specified time. Guests are allowed to borrow and return the manga as many times as they want within the time limit. Some manga cafes allocate individual compartments, giving guests privacy for their reading pleasure.

There are manga cafes at almost all major city centers. They are usually located near the train stations. Big cities like Tokyo and Osaka have a lot of such establishments. Many of them double as internet cafes and offer a free flow of non-alcoholic drinks. Charges are typically about 300 yen per ½ hour.

Maid Cafes

Maid cafes were originally created for fans of maid-themed manga and anime. The concept of maid cafes originated in Akihabara at the dawn of the millennium. Then, various maid cafes have been opened in this area, that made Akihabara become the best place to have a maid cafe experience. The success of maid cafes in Akihabara has inspired emulations in other areas of Japan and other countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Canada.

The original characteristic of maid cafes is the waitresses dressed in costumes as French maids. Desserts and food served at the maid cafes are usually decorated cutely. The waitresses may join in friendly conversations or play games with the guests to make them feel at home. Although picture-taking is often forbidden, some cafes allow guests to take the picture with a “maid” for an additional fee.


Some manga and anime events are celebrated in the course of a year. Especially, the AnimeJapan (Tokyo Anime Fair), held annually at Odaiba’s Big Sight convention center, is one of the largest anime events in the world. Another famous event is Comiket, a huge comic book fair attracting hundreds of thousands of people. It is held biannually at Big Sight in Tokyo too.