Ghost Danshaku

Names: Ghost Danshaku/Baron de Ghost
Info: Ghost Danshaku appears in the chapter ‘Houkininotta Neko’(Well-Informed Cat) as well as the first movie. He’s your typical evil pretty boy causing some form of problem for others. In the manga, Ghost hates animals and enjoys killing any and all. He leaves a mess of dead animals and tramples them with his horse. When he meets up with Chao/Katy, he gives her a rose brooch. Unico finds him fishy and Chao and him go to investigate. Chao learns Ghost’s true nature and is frightened by him. He ends up wanting to kill her because she is actually a cat.

In the movie, Ghost is actually Satan in disguise. They never quite say why he wants to kill Chao though. Maybe some sort of sacrifice? Anyway, Ghost is pretty evil.