Get in the Game with These 7 Famous Sports Manga (part 2)


Haikyu!!, by Haruichi Furudate

Even if the only volleyball match you have ever watched is not a famous scene in Top Gun, don’t let that prevent you from picking up and reading Haikyu!! This is an ebullient volleyball manga following Shoyo Hinata, an unskilled but enthusiastic player who joins his dreamy team only to find that the prickly but talented Tobio Kageyama, his bitterest rival, has joined the same team. In spite of their mutual distaste for each other, the two boys quickly find that they have a strange sort of chemistry which makes them become much stronger together than they were apart. Haikyu!! is the manga in which every character has a reason making you fall in love with them, and its goofy sense of humor, terrific energy, and sincere optimism bursts from every page.

Yowamushi Pedal, by Wataru Watanabe

Do you think that cycling is a strange sport to write about in a manga? Forget that, because we’re just getting started. The protagonist of Yowamushi Pedal is the furthest thing from an athlete. He’s an anime otaku spending hours every week on riding his crappy bike into the city to pick up anime merch. When entering high school, Onoda’s endurance casual feat catches the eye of the cycling club members, who see in him their team’s missing piece to challenge the national championship.

Welcome to the Ballroom, by Tomo Takeuchi

Yes, dancing is also a sport, especially when it’s a competitive ballroom dancing. Tatara Fujita is roped into a trial class at the nearby studio when he is saved from a bullies group by a motorcycle-riding ballroom dance champion. Tatara finds something he wants to be good at for the first time. Welcome to the Ballroom is a traditional sports manga: an unreachable rival, an underdog latecomer, and a lot of training and tournaments. Meanwhile, Takeuchi immerses the readers in her subject, nails details of technique and performance which will be familiar to many people who have set foot in a studio. One of the highlights of this manga is Takeuchi’s own art – she visualizes the movement in an incredible way. Once you start reading it’s hard to put it down.