Get in the Game with These 7 Famous Sports Manga (part 1)


People who are new to manga are usually surprised to find that sports manga are a thing that exists, they’re a genre of stories with themes of rivalry, friendship, guts, and perseverance. Japan has produced comics that are dedicated to sports since the 1960s, and this genre has embraced all things from popular pursuits such as tennis and boxing to the stuff which you may not even be certain qualifies as a sport, such as shogi and golf.

If you want to enjoy the competition without breaking a sweat, please check out these 7 sports manga.

Ace of the Diamond, by Yuji Terajima

When it comes to sports manga, baseball is as classic as you can get. And Ace of the Diamond embodies a lot of what makes baseball so beloved of the genre. It tells the story of Eijun Sawamura, an impulsive lefty pitcher who is scouted by a prestigious baseball high school. Unlike the typical underdog teams that we often see in other sports manga, this one throws its major characters onto a powerhouse team with some talented pitchers and great chances. The question is that Sawamura will be on the mound or not. The story is a slow burn (the series stands at 47 volumes in Japan), however, the pacing invites the readers to become familiar with every team member when following the boys through each heartbreak, frustration, and victory.

Kuroko’s Basketball, by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Basketball is another true sport for manga, and anyone who still remembers Slam Dunk can attest. The unique angle of Kuroko’s Basketball comes from its eponymous hero – a boy who is so unnervingly bland that he mostly literally fades into the background. Surely, it turns out that Kuroko’s lack of presence is really his greatest asset on the court – that allows him to appear where no one expects him and make passes when no one can see coming. Unlike Ace of the Diamond taking a fairly grounded approach to its sport, Kuroko’s Basketball’s increasingly powerful opponents lead to some unlikely fantastic basketball skills.