Frequently Asked Questions:
01. Can I use your stuff for my website/layout/eBay/blog/etc?
– If there is something you would like to use, then please e-mail me at rubymoon16@hotmail.com. All of my images have my website’s address so I can easily track down anyone stealing. You are more than welcome to download content from my site and keep it for your own personal use. DO NOT take anything and place it on your eBay page or website to make it look any better. DO NOT take images and make DVD cases and anything else so you can make profit. I create and gather my own images and I would appreciate it if people didn’t take things without asking. Also giving credit is a must. If you quote something I have written, or use an image for whatever reason, please give credit. I created this site for fans to get info, not to be ripped off.

02. Are the DVDs of the Unico movies official?
– If they are Region 2 Japanese DVDs then they are definetly official releases. The German version is also official. The english version of the movies DO NOT come in DVD format. People have taken the movies, which are downloadable if you search for them, and burned them to DVDs. They are VHS quality and look horrible. If you are desperate to see the movies again, feel free to buy the DVDs. Although you can download the movies (and pilot) for free on the internet via bittorrent or other source for downloading.
CLICK HERE for pirated/bootleg information.

03. Where can I get Unico stuff?
– The biggest place to buy Unico items would be eBay. You can type in ‘unico’ and a list of stuff will pop up. You can find english VHS tapes and other fanmade items. Every now and then random hard to find items from Japan pop up. If you search for ‘tezuka’ (creator of Unico by the way) you can sometimes find Unico amongst all the other items. Searching for ‘tezuka gashapon’ sometimes pulls up the figure of Unico and Tipi. Also searching for ‘tezuka moderno’ may bring up Unico. Click Here for a list of stores that have had or currently sell Unico related products.

04. Can I get copies of the Japanese DVDs that you have?
– I’m unable to do that. I paid for two out of the three movies I own and do not wish to give out copies. If you want your own DVDs I’d suggest you go to CD Japan and order them.

05. Can I buy any of your Unico items?
– Sadly no. When I’m a really big fan of something I tend to collect as many things as I can and I most likely will never sell my stuff. Plus I also like having hard to find items to make people jealous! Just kidding! ^.^;

06. Can you link to my site?
– As long as it is about Unico or is Osamu Tezuka related. I will not accept any other website. Feel free to e-mail me and give me the url to your site and I’ll check it out.

07. Where can I download the Unico movies?
– The best place I have found has been BoxTorrents. They have The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico In The Island of Magic which Monthenor ripped from VHS and uploaded to the site. The pilot episode is also up there and is subtitled by BE. You must use a Bittorrent client to download them though. The software is free and you can download it here. Please remember that you are responsible for the things you download.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me!