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English Version:
In the 1980s, the video company Magic Window (RCA/Columbian Pictures children’s movie company) released the first Unico movie and titled it ‘The Fantastic Adventures of Unico.’ This movie follows the adventures of Unico while meeting Beezle and Katy. All songs were dubbed except for the ending credits song (possibly due to some sort of copyright issue or they wanted to leave it instrumental). The second movie, ‘Unico in the Island of Magic’ also followed and featured yet another adventure for Unico to handle. These movies have been out of print for many years and there has been no talk of rereleasing them on DVD. The DVDs you see on websites such as eBay are usually bootleg copies made from VHS rips.

In the 80’s and early to mid 90’s, ‘The Fantastic Adventures of Unico’ aired on the Disney Channel. There haven’t been any recent occurances of the English version except for the movies being tossed on YouTube. For the most part, they are obviously VHS quality but a great way to watch the movies.

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