Don’t confuse Anime and Manga! (Part 2)

What is anime?

In Japanese, the term date is used to refer to all types of cartoons in the world. In English, anime is used to refer to a “Japanese-style animated movie or TV entertainment” or as “a style of animation created in Japan”.

Until now, there is still a lot of controversy about the origin as well as the name of the anime. Anime is still just an anime, but it is a Japanese animation produced or has a popular animation style in Japan, it is often depicted with multicolor graphics with a variety of themes and characters. alive. The characters in the anime feature big round eyes, very sparkling eyes. This is also considered the standard of anime.

Anime began appearing in Japan in 1970 to refer to early anime like Astro Boy. After many years of development, the anime has a variety of content and themes as well as targeting different audiences with many famous films such as: One piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Spirited Away…

In general, anime will come in two forms: anime adaptation and original anime:

Anime adaptations are films adapted from popular books or novels, mostly manga. Some famous anime movies such as: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note or Attack on Titan.

Original anime are original stories written by the authors and not based on any other movie or series. For example, Your Name or famous anime series from the famous Anime maker Studio Ghibli.

What is the difference between Anime and Manga?

In general, there won’t be much to be said about the visual aspect because it is quite distinctive. At first, many might think that anime uses better visuals than manga, but it actually depends on one’s aesthetic style. Both styles have a strong influence on viewers, depending on how each genre is performed.

For example, the manga manga Death Note or Bakuman is very good and influential. Building stories in manga allows authors to easily describe their characters in detail, especially building psychology. Meanwhile, anime adaptations (Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, or many other Shōnen cartoons) tend to simplify the design due to the cost of animation and limited TV screenings. The original anime will have the same problem, but may contain more details.

Again, this is a rather subjective aspect as manga and anime have completely different ways of conveying stories into the work.

There are many people wondering: Between anime and manga, which genre stands out? Frankly, it is impossible to determine which one is the most popular. All the answers to this problem are on their own points to defend the point they think is correct.

Some people say cartoons are more popular, but in reality there are a lot of anime anime that are not well received by manga (eg Tokyo Ghoul). On the other hand, the strength of anime can clearly be seen in the music or anime comedy movies.

In the end, whether it’s manga or anime or any other form of entertainment is great in its own right.