Australia to launch two manga versions of boxing kangaroo for 2020 Olympics

Two manga versions of Australia’s famous boxing kangaroo are going to be revealed in order to celebrate Japanese culture ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Thanks to a partnership with the Royal Australian Mint and airline Qantas, the mascot of the Australian Olympic team, called BK, has been “re-imagined”.

Both manga kangaroos are going to be the “cousins” of BK, who have been the image of Australia at each Olympic Games since Seoul 1988.

They will be designed in the traditional comic book style of the host nation Japan.

“BK’s cousins, who contend in a very big selection of Olympic sports, are going to be delivered to life at this year’s Olympic Games,” an Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) said.

He added that the new mascots are going to be unconcealed by Qantas, with the manga mascots set in order to adorn the facet of the 2020 Olympic team flights home from Tokyo.

Qantas can launch Instagram polls which can enable fans to vote for his or her favorite styles for the cousins.

Three heats are going to be command across 3 weeks before the winning style is unveiled at a launch event before the Games.

The manga cousins are going to be used only at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, with BK remaining as the Australian team mascot at the Olympics.

BK became known for the first time in 1983 when Australia won the America’s Cup sailing race.

The winning crew raised a flag that included the character, with the AOC then buying the rights to the image in the late 1980s.

The boxing kangaroo image had come to prominence for the first time when it flew from the winning Australian sailboat within the 1983 America’s Cup yachting competition.

The AOC presently owns the trademark of the image and uses the figure as a team mascot at both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. And the Australian athletes are all very happy about the outcome.