4 popular anime series airing POPS application (Part 2)

Overlord 2

Unlike most Japanese anime, the main character of Overlord 2 tends to be the villain when he is extremely mischievous. This anime has been available on the POPS application in full part 1 and part 2. Part 3 is scheduled to air in mid-November, eagerly awaited by fans.

In 2138, when the virtual reality game industry was flourishing, the story began when Yggdrasil – the popular online game – was about to end. Due to love, Suzuki Satoru decided to stay in the game and then stuck in his character – Momonga, boss of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. With her strength preserved, Momonga continued to protect the Great Mausoleum of Nazarick and explore the new world.

Dr Stone

Dr Stone is a sci-fi adventure anime set in a world that goes back to the Stone Age. Works in the top 25 best anime of 2010 by Crunchyroll. The story begins when Taiju Oki decides to confess his love to his schoolmate Yuzuriha. At that moment, a kind of blue light suddenly arrived and turned all humans on Earth into stone statues.

Dr Stone is a sci-fi adventure anime set in a world that goes back to the Stone Age.

After being petrified, most humans lose consciousness and die. However, Taiju escapes from the petrified state and finds out that Senku kept his consciousness alive by counting how long he was petrified.

Taiju and Senku began to rebuild civilization with Senku’s scientific knowledge. They create nital – a corrosive solvent that destroys the rock crust in humans. The Journey of Taiju and Senku to rescue humanity from petrified calamity is highly appreciated with many unpredictable and interesting developments. Readers can watch the full set of Dr Stone and other anime on POPS application.