The Best Japanese Manga Series Based on Anime (Part 1)

Japan is considered the world’s animation capital with hundreds of fantastic manga series being optioned as new movies and TV series by Japanese animation studios every year. While some become popular multimedia franchises, some others become dust in the wind. You may have seen a lot of famous manga series inspire anime adaptations but may

6 Bookstores In Tokyo for English Manga Shopping (part 2)

Kinokuniya Seibu Shibuya This is the Takashimaya branch of the well-known bookstore chain Kinokuniya. It is considered as the best place in this city to shop for not only English manga but also foreign books in general. The bookstore has an entire floor dedicated only for copies in English and some other languages such as

Get in the Game with These 7 Famous Sports Manga (part 2)

  Haikyu!!, by Haruichi Furudate Even if the only volleyball match you have ever watched is not a famous scene in Top Gun, don’t let that prevent you from picking up and reading Haikyu!! This is an ebullient volleyball manga following Shoyo Hinata, an unskilled but enthusiastic player who joins his dreamy team only to