Get in the Game with These 7 Famous Sports Manga (part 3)

  Hikaru no Go, by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata  Hikaru no Go, the oldest manga on this list, is a classic example of a sports manga which doesn’t need to involve excessive sweating to rivete. It tells the story of the relatively normal child Hikaru with no particular interest in complex strategy boardgames, stumbling

The Best Japanese Manga Series Based on Anime (Part 2)

  Summer Wars The manga version of the anime Summer Wars is a perfect example of how manga can shed new light on a beloved anime. This is a breathtaking animated movie which explores the role of technology on people’s private and public lives. The love story of Natsuki Shinohara and Kenji Koiso drives the

The Best Japanese Manga Series Based on Anime (Part 1)

Japan is considered the world’s animation capital with hundreds of fantastic manga series being optioned as new movies and TV series by Japanese animation studios every year. While some become popular multimedia franchises, some others become dust in the wind. You may have seen a lot of famous manga series inspire anime adaptations but may