Yu-Gi-Oh Begins Brand-New Manga Series

The story that began with Yugi Moto, a young duelist, has continued through the generations with new protagonists that wield the heart of the cards and attempt to make their own way through the world by setting up their own decks in the game of “Duel Monsters”. The card battling series has bounced from the

When Gambling and Manga Became One (part 1)

Although art is not as much popular as in Europe and the United States, manga in the industry of Japan is considered an important publishing market. In this article, we will dissect the amazing relationship between gambling and manga through the top mangas involving gambling of Japan. The Liar Games The Liar Games is so

Three Japanese manga series you should read right now

Japanese manga has become so popular not only in Japan but also in many foreign countries around the world. With a wide variety of topics, Japanese manga are loved by both kids, teenagers, and even adults. These are three manga series from Japan that you should read right now. Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter