4 popular anime series airing POPS application (Part 1)

Cartoons on the POPS application has just added 4 popular anime series in the world. POPS is an entertainment application loved by the Vietnamese anime community because of its copyrighted content, quality images and sound. Recently, the app continues to add four new anime series: KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World S2, Ao Haru

Growth in the anime industry over the past 11 years

Financial research firm Teikoku Databank released a report on the anime industry for 2019 on Monday. The report reports that the anime industry’s revenue (based on revenues from 273 companies) amounted to 242,749 billion yen (about US $ 2.30 billion) in 2019. Although the anime industry is still in growth momentum since 2011, but the

Don’t confuse Anime and Manga! (Part 2)

What is anime? In Japanese, the term date is used to refer to all types of cartoons in the world. In English, anime is used to refer to a “Japanese-style animated movie or TV entertainment” or as “a style of animation created in Japan”. Until now, there is still a lot of controversy about the