Kakegurui – best gambling anime ever made

If you happen to be a gambling enthusiast who is also a fan of anime, you have a range of options to enjoy your time. The list of gambling anime is endless but one series that has brought a whole revolution is Kakegurui. There is no wrong in quoting Kakegurui as the best gambling anime

The Best New Manga You Should Read in 2020 (part 1)

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more manga, you might be looking for some guidance about your next big read. While you could always revisit an old favorite or catch up on a series you missed, sometimes there’s nothing more exciting than a brand new manga series. With that in mind,

The Best Anime & Manga Made By Non-Japanese Creators (part 2)

Cannon Busters (the U.S) Cannon Busters, which was eventually published through Udon, started as an American comic book series by LeSean Thomas. The series was transitioned to focusing on a potential animation project coming to fruition in 2019. Distributed by British company Manga Entertainment, the series would be animated by two Japanese animation studios Satelight